My young, formative brain was totally freaked the fuck out by the original Poltergeist.  It’s a genuinely creepy movie. But what’s more creepy is the supposed ‘curse’ that has followed the franchise throughout the making of all three films.  Four of the actors involved in the films died over the period of six years.

Three deaths were from weird diseases. The fourth was a choking at the hands of a jealous boyfriend. On top of that there have been a list of crazy events surrounding the making of the film like real exorcisms performed on set, people seeing dead parents—you know, the traditional “Ghosts Hate This Movie” kind of stuff. If I was a producer I don’t think I would want to wake up whatever cosmic cluster fuck was causing the bad luck. But apparently they’re heading toward production with the recent news that Vadim Perelman is in talks to direct.

We’re going to start a betting pool to see who can guess which actor(s) will die of mysterious causes. In the meantime I’m crossing my fingers that Shia Labeouf, Dane Cook, and Kathy Griffin all have major rolls in the film. 

Comingsoon has the ghost poop.