It's nice to see film producers treat each other like the curator of the art form that they are. Here, some old "producers" of the Dumb and Dumber sequel are suing the new "producers" of the sequel, and things have gotten a tad personal.

Two producers from Red Granite Pictures, Joey Macfarland and Riza Aziz, are being countersued by the original producers, who say taht they are owed cash for the new project as it's going forward. All boring and unimportant stuff.


This line from the countersuit is pretty sweet:
McFarland’s and [Aziz’s] misconduct and hubris will cause Red Granite to crash and burn,” continues the suit, questioning whether other talent on the project will want to work with the company. “Further, McFarland and [Aziz] lack the experience necessary to successfully produce motion pictures themselves. Although Red Granite apparently has family money from [Aziz], Red Granite will not succeed with money alone because McFarland and [Aziz]‘s experience producing motion pictures during their short tenure in the industry consists of cavorting at nightclubs with Paris Hilton and making dinner reservations at posh nightclubs in New York and Los Angeles.

That last line encapsulates pretty much what everyone thinks of Hollywood producers to begin with, so that sort of seems like an expert pedigree as I know it to be.