The Oscar for Best Live-Action Short Film totally stole the show this year. Luke Matheny won for God of Love and he took the podium looking like Jeff Goldblum and saying he should’ve gotten a haircut. The next night he was walking a red carpet.

I know a story when I see one, so I contacted his people and got myself a spot to Matheny’s first post-Oscar public appearance. He attended the Venice Family Clinic Silver Circle Gala, where everyone on the red carpet asked him for an interview now that he’s famous.

Q: Since you won the Oscar last night, have you been getting approached with feature offers?

LM: Not since last night. I’ve gotten a lot of warm wishes. My agents called. They were pretty excited. I have my own feature script that I’m working on now so hopefully it’ll get me a little more leverage to get that made faster than otherwise would’ve been possible.

Q: Is the script you’re working on an original?

LM: Yeah, it’s a comedy that I’m writing. It’s an original screenplay. I mean, it’s a loose riff on Don Quixote but it’s not so close an adaptation.

Q: I mean this in the best possible way but I think you have a real Jeff Goldblum thing going on.

LM: I’ve been getting that. Yes, that’s true.

Q: I’m not the first?

LM: No, it’s been interesting to read a lot of reviews that comment on my appearance. Jeff Goldblum comes up a lot. I read one that said, “Love child of Sideshow Bob and Napoleon Dynamite.”

Q: What party did you go to last night?

LM: Let’s see, we went to the Governor’s Ball. Then we went to Chateau Marmont. Then Vanity Fair and then Madonna’s party was full so we just called it a night and went to Mel’s Drive-In and hung out for a little while.

Q: What was the scene at those parties?

LM: You know, a bunch of movie stars. It was unbelievable. I’d never been around anything like that. It’s strange. Then you could tell a lot of them sort of remembered me from the show, so that’s even weirder.

Q: Who did you get to meet?

LM: Tom Hanks Paul Rudd, Mark Ruffalo. Oh, Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal gave me the award so I got to chat with them. What’s refreshing and surprising is that all these people, every single one, was extremely nice which I guess that’s what you hope to be true but then suspect isn’t, but it turned out every single one of them was super nice.

Q: Now that everyone knows about your film, where can they find it?

LM: You can buy it on iTunes or you can spend considerably more money to buy the DVD off my website.

Q: People might be willing to do that. What’s the website?

LM: We’ll see, yeah, we’ll see. It’s If you just Google “God of Love DVD” you’ll find it.

Q: Jake’s joke was fairly accurate that a lot of us only find out about the shorts when we do the Oscar pool, so what is your film about?

LM: It’s a comedy with elements of romance and fantasy I guess, about a lounge singing darts champion who receives a box of love inducing darts. Then he kind of uses it to resolve a love triangle.

Q: As a short film, does it culminate in a punch line?

LM: Yeah, I wanted a sort of punch line but also maybe a hint of bittersweetness on the way out which I always think is a nice feeling.

Q: What was the process of submitting to the Oscars?

LM: Well, I was fortunate to win the student Academy Award last year. By winning that I qualified to submit to the Oscars.

Q: How was your film school experience at NYU?

LM: Well, when you leave with an Oscar it’s hard to complain about it. It’s wonderful. I shot in February and then six months after that, all the great people who were working on my set, I had to work on all of their films. It’s incredibly collaborative. You end up working with a lot of your best friends and I just met a lot of wonderful people.

Q: Where are you going to put your Oscar?

LM: I’m not sure. I think I might give it to my mom.

Q: Was there anyone you didn’t get to thank or didn’t get to say on stage last night?

LM: There was one actor, Miguel Rosales, who played a bass player who I wanted to squeeze in there, but then what you do is afterwards you do this thing called the Thank You Cam where you talk online. I had a huge list on my phone of every single person on the crew and all my friends who came out to celebrate this weekend and just everybody.

Q: Have you had hairdressers contacting you offering to give you that hair cut?

LM: No, I haven’t but I get a lot of people coming up to me saying don’t get a haircut or get a haircut. I have no plans. We’ll see if Supercuts has any availability next week.