The Coens Psyched To See Tara Reid’s ‘Big Lebowski’ Sequel

Thursday, February 3 by

The other day when Tara Reid was saying things about a Big Lebowski sequel, just about every person on Earth who is not Tara Reid wisely dismissed it. However, there are two people who were not so quick to dismiss the project. The Coen Brothers!

No. They’re not developing a sequel but they’d love to see one. When asked about Reid’s announcement, Ethan commented, “I’m glad she’s working on it.” When asked if the project were actually being developed, he responded, “Well, we don’t but we’ll watch it when it comes out.”

Joel then added, “Especially if Tara’s in it.”

Huh. I wouldn’t peg them as fans of Senior Skip Day. To each their own, I suppose. (via The Playlist)

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