Risk seems to be pulling itself out of the depths of Development Hell by assigning a writer and it's a good one too!! As most movies tend to need a script, producers at Sony and Overbrook Entertainment saw fit to hire screenwriter John Hlavin to move the game pieces across the board in a dramatic fashion. The writer is best known for his Black List approved script, The Gunslinger. That film remains to be produced but you can see his work when Underworld: New Dawn opens next year.

You may be quick to dismiss this project due to the fact it is based on a board game. But did you know that the game itself was invented by film maker Albert Lamorisse, the French director of The Red Balloon? Plus, the material could very well loan itself to an exciting storyline. So please, I urge you, hold your judgment until it is announced they are shoe-horning aliens into the plot. (Deadline)