“The Cabin In The Woods” Delayed Until 2011

Monday, October 12 by
(The hands that won the Superbowl.)
Would you like to see a trailer for Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard’s subversive horror flick The Cabin In The Woods? Well, friend, look no further than right here… about a year from now.
MGM has announced that they are pushing the film’s release date to early 2011(!) so that they may convert the film to 3D and capitalize on the hot, new trend. Sounds like a risky plan to me. Anything could happen between now and 2011. The financially-shakey MGM could go under; 3D could be yesterday’s news; Whedon’s fans may get girlfriends who won’t let them watch horror films; or we could all fall victim to the dreaded Y2K10 Bug which will wipe out all technology as we know it. (Shock Til You Drop)
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