The Big Screen ‘Twisted Metal’ Is In Good Hands

Wednesday, February 15 by
Seems about right. 

Depending on the level of regard you hold for plot, character depth, and symbolism, you might be groaning now that you heard a film adaptation of the videogame Twisted Metal is in the works. And that’s okay considering the story involves a flame-haired clown riding a motorcycle while simultaneously wielding a chainsaw. But rest assured, the studio matched the project with the perfect director. Crank, Gamer, and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance co-director Brian Taylor will helm the adaptation that surprisingly has nothing to do with Paul Thomas Anderson. 

I see this as good news. Brian Taylor goes miles out of his way to make his movie completely over the top and high octane, and if there was ever a project that requires that, it’s Twisted Metal. I’m not saying I’ll watch it, but I will at least get a kick out of the trailer. (Deadline)

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