Earlier today, Screen Junkies brought you the news that a group of Canadian teenagers is in trouble with the law for dressing as superheroes and confronting pedophiles/sex offenders in public areas. Apparently, being awesome is against the law in Canada. I figured there'd just be some sort of excessive "awesome tax," but I guess I was wrong.

The teens in question would target their victims by posing as an underage girl on dating websites. The fact that the fictitious girl was under 18 didn't seem to phase some men, who agreed to meet with her. Once the meeting was arranged, the teens would show up dressed as Batman or The Flash, and call out the men in question. That is, before the Canadian authorities put a stop to it.

Despite the fact that these kids will no longer be doing the lord's work north of the border, we still have these awesome videos with which to commemorate their awesome deeds. So enjoy the best of To Troll a Predator, and remember that by "best," I simply meant all the videos I could find.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3