The “Ayk” Is Back: Dan Aykroyd To Try Being Funny Again

Wednesday, December 28 by
Seconds later, his metamorphosis into Richie Belding was complete.  

Afraid that the existing cast, which features Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell, didn’t have enough sneaky silent “y”s in their names, the producers of the political slapstick film Dog Fight have smartly added Dan Aykroyd to the cast. It’s the right move, mainly because if craft services ever runs out of liquor in oddly arbitrary vessels, they can just hit up Ray Zalinsky and get some more Crystal Head vodka. It has all the alcohol and taste of vodka, with the creepiness that only a skull bottle can provide.

Dog Fight follows two rival politicians (Galifia…etc and Ferrell) as they duke it out in a North Carolina election. Apparently, they needed one more comedian with an oddly-shaped body. Mission accomplished.

It’s unknown what Ayrkoyd’s role will be, but you can bet your bottom dollar that he’ll talk slightly faster than a normal person in a strange voice.

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