In the interest of continuing their trend of getting ripped a new one, the Academy has selected Brett Ratner to co-produce the 2012 Academy Awards. Ratner sat down with Deadline to discuss how the deal came to be:
"I had no idea. But Tom Sherak called me two weeks ago to come see him in his office. And I walk in and Tom is there with Dawn Hudson. And I thought I was being kicked out of Academy. I thought my maid had started bootlegging my Academy DVDs and I would be escorted out of the building and asked to relinquish my Academy cards."

LOL. Seriously, though. Put a tail on that maid.

In an interview with returning co-producer Don Mischer, Ratner tells THR about what he'll bring to the table. And no, they aren't Anytizers. Although those are delicious.
"I think my love of comedy had a lot to do with it. To their credit, Tom and Dawn really understand what is needed, and comedy is a big part of it, and I want to make that part of it. I think that is going to be tremendous."

Judd Apatow must have given his screeners to his maid.