That One ‘Snow White’ Film To Now Be Released Before That Other One

Tuesday, May 24 by

First, Universal moved Snow White and the Huntsman (aka the one with Kristen Stewart, Thor, and Charlize Theron) up to June 1st, four weeks ahead of Relativity’s untitled Snow White project (aka the one with Armie Hamer and Julia Roberts). Even though Relativity hadn’t gotten around to, you know, naming their movie, they knew that it had to be first. So nameless Snow White was moved from June 29 to March 16.

There is no question that Universal won’t be able to go from shooting (which starts in June) to release in ten months, so it looks like Relativity “wins” this release-date version of “Name That Tune.” Whether or not Relativity can make that release date remains to be seen.

If this spirited competition becomes de rigueur, we could see some Frankenstein movies this time next week. (Variety)

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