In order to get elite status in the Apatow Inner Circle, you also have to write screenplays, like Brother Rogen and Brother Segel. Acting awkward on camera only gets you to level 6. Maybe that's why Jay Baruchel is looking to get his Final Draft on.

Baruchel and writing partner Jesse Chabot have signed on for two projects. They will adapt Kickstart Comics’ Random Acts of Violence, which is about horror comic book creators on a signing tour, and murders follow them wherever they go. It all centers around their star character, Slasherman. Hold on, does that mean Baruchel and Chabot are gonna become murder magnets when they're on the press tour? We should all ask Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, the original writers of the comic. Only they know the rules for how that works.

The writing team will also tackle a rewrite on Summit's Exorcism Diaries, based on The Real Story Behind The Exorcist by Mark Opsasnick. It's the story of a reporter who gets the unfortunate attention of a supernatural being while researching the story of history's most famous exorcism. This is why you have to be careful around Ouija boards, you guys. Let's just play Sorry instead. No, you're the one who's scared.

Baruchel also co-wrote the recently shot hockey comedy Goon with Evan Goldberg. (Hollywood Reporter)