Sung Kang, who you might know as one of the stars of Fast Five, is blowing up right now, and in a way that few if any Asian stars have been able to do here in the States. He's apparently replacing Tom Jane in the untitled Sylvester Stallone thriller that used to be called Headshot (based on the comic Bullet to the Head), where he will be an even younger counterpart to the aged Stallone (I'm sure he'll be referred to as "the aged Stallone" in all the press materials).

[post-album postid="208906" item="1"]This is apparently happening due to a mandate from producer Joel Silver casting "mixed race" leads in his pictures. It will be cool to see a charismatic star like Kang in an action movie where he won't be doing any martial arts. Or they'll just add a bunch of martial arts to the movie. Either way, progress! (The Playlist)