This is a rough one. Even though we have reported it before, we must now revisit the sublime unpleasantness that is a Kevin James-Adam Sandler video game apocalypse film called Pixel. The premise of the film is that Sandler is a video game expert who helps the Earth ward off an attack from prominent video game characters. Kevin James plays the president. YES. I'M AWARE OF WHAT I JUST WROTE!

It's a mildly interesting premise before you read the words "Adam Sandler and Kevin James." Then it just gets terrible. To its credit, it did manage to snag a wildly entertaining Jane Krakowski as the First Lady, so maybe there's some hope for this film. As mentioned earlier, it also stars Peter Dinklage.

I don't know what to think. Let's put judgment on hold until we see a trailer. Until then, as with all Adam Sandler and Kevin James films, "cautious pessimism" is the way to go.