Terrence Malick did not spend 4 decades working on The Tree of Life so som high school dropout could spill Faygo all over the print. But, in many theaters across the country, there's a real risk of that happening. So Malick has released a list of helpful tips to his projectionist brethren. And here ... it is:

  1. Project the film in its proper 1.85:1 aspect ratio.

  2. The correct fader setting on Dolby and DTS systems is 7. Malick asks that faders be kept at 7.5 or even 7.7, system permitting.

  3. The film has no opening credits, and the booth operator is asked to make sure the “lights down cue is well before the opening frame of reel 1.”

  4. With all the recent talk of “darkier, lousier” images, operators are asked that lamps are at “proper standard (5400 Kelvin)” and that the “foot Lambert level is at Standard 14.”

[post-album postid="213228" item="1"]It' up in the air how these suggestions will be taken - either as a helpful guideline from the respected auteur behind an award-winning movie, or one more example of the Man telling working people what to do. Now, is there any way I can get Terrence Malick to come over to my house and adjust my TV's settings? (/Film)