Tomorrow, Terminator Salvation opens, and there's been a lot of controversy surrounding its PG-13 rating.  You see, it's the first Terminator flick that's been anything less than an "R," and the question remains as to whether or not that means watered down.  One decidely R-Rated moment chopped from the film is a topless Moon Bloodgood (above), who plays Blair Williams, a badass lady pilot for the Resistance. 

Where Else You've Seen Her:

You might recognize her as Livia Beale, time-jumping hero Dan Vasser's ex on the short-lived NBC series, "Journeyman."  She also had a brief scene in What Just Happened, the Barry Levinson-directed comedy starring Robert DeNiro as a Hollywood producer losing his mind.  And she's also got a couple episodes of "Burn Notice" under her belt, which is not the only accessory she's not wearing in any of the photos after the jump.  

Random Quote: "I'm into chivalry. As much as I'm a guy's girl with a potty mouth, a polite man who opens the door is so refreshing."

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