Today's the big day... Judgment Day has happened... the Machines have Risen... but Salvation is on our doorsteps.  Despite a 34% score on RottenTomatoes (as of this post), Terminator Salvation, which opens today, will most likely pack 'em into theaters like a Harvester bagging meatsacks.  And Bryce Dallas Howard (above) is another reason to go see it.  Unless you're listening to Harry Knowles' scathing review, which states that all Bryce was did during the film was "open her eyes really wide." 

In the film, Bryce plays Kate Connor, the wife of John Connor - a role originated in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, by Claire Danes.  And as you'll see from the picture above and the ones after the jump, if there's any actress whose baby blues we'd like to see widening repeatedly on screen, it's Ms. Howard.

Narrow your eyes in the blinding beauty of Bryce photos after the jump.