They don’t make ‘80s movies like they used to, but I don’t think they made girls like Teresa Palmer in the ‘80s so it balances out. In Take Me Home Tonight, Palmer plays Tori Fredericking, the ‘80s icon of a dream girl. Matt (Topher Grace) tries to impress her with a façade of money and fancy cars. Of course he’ll learn that superficial things don’t impress women at all.

Tori is an all American girl but Palmer is an Aussie. She speaks with a perfect American accent in the movie, but we got to hear the real Oz when we interviewed her. As the cast reunited for a press junket, they also screened the new music video in which they re-enact classic scenes from ‘80s movies. Palmer gets to do Weird Science, Fast Times at Ridgemont High and more.

Q: You got to do some classic scenes just for the music video.

Teresa Palmer: Phoebe Cates, yes, Ghostbusters, Splash I got to be. Sixteen Candles and Breakfast Club.

Q: But the sexy ones, the Kelly LeBrock shirt and the bikini, how did you feel about those?

TP: Awful. It’s very exposing and it’s quite vulnerable as an actor to take your gear off and only be posing in underwear or a bikini so I couldn’t really watch those parts.

Q: I still run into girls who like the superficial cars and high paying jobs. Why haven’t they learned from the ‘80s movies?

TP: Oh, I don't know. I think a lot of girls are into superficial things but for the most part, the ones I know at least are more attracted to the endearing men with the good heart and the beautiful inner self. I don’t find all those material things appealing. In fact I almost feel like that puts me off of a man if he has a very flashy car or an amazing house that’s all designer. I just find that very unappealing.

Q: Are you excited about Mad Max: Fury Road?

TP: Well, I’m not doing Mad Max. It’s on hiatus at the moment and I was in negotiations on that film but ended up pulling out to do I am Number Four and I’m not sure what’s happening with the project but I would love to work with George Miller at some stage. We were supposed to work together on Justice League of America a few years ago.

Q: You could’ve had an awesome leather post-apocalyptic outfit.

TP: That would’ve been amazing. It’s a brilliant script, the new Mad Max. I think it’s going to be the best Mad Max yet.

Q: What has this rise to success been like for you?

TP: Look, it feels as though it’ taken a while and there are peaks and valleys in every career. I’ve had films fall apart on me. I’ve been fired from a movie before. It’s difficult as an actor. It’s a hard profession and you just have to have a thick skin and keep working towards your goal. I’m excited about the momentum right now but you never know when that’s going to end so I’m just trying to not let my work define wh I am. When I have a clear sense of self and that I’m rich in other areas in my life apart from work is when I’m the happiest.

Q: How do you find that sense of self?

TP: I spend a lot of time with people that I love, my friends and I write, I journal, I scrapbook, I take photographs, I walk with my dog, Luna Palmer. We go hiking and I also live a very health conscious lifestyle. I’m eating very healthy and go to the gym. It’s important to get out of my head because you spend a lot of time waiting for the phone to call. It can be quite exhausting and it can be anxious at times.

Q: What is your Hollywood life like?

TP: My Hollywood life is when I’m doing junkets and walking on the red carpet and films. That’s very challenging, more so than I ever anticipated it would be. I thought that it would be a walk in the park being an actor in films, but it’s quite trying but also incredibly enriching and exciting, overwhelming all at the same time.

Q: How is it trying?

TP: It’s just not having the stability on knowing where your next job is and living a nomad lifestyle, traveling around like a gypsy. It’s hard to feel connected to a home because you’re always getting uprooted. There’s also enormous pressure on you by studios and directors. It can be hard but the benefits far outweigh the negatives in my eyes. I’m just so blessed to be doing what I’m doing and I really enjoy it.