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Actors Who Should Play Nascar Drivers (Allleftturns)

Susan Weyland Wears A Lot Of Latex (Gorillamask)

Bad News Crossword Puzzles (Holytaco)

Have You Seen The Cast Fo Machete? (Filmdrunk)

Keep MacGyver Away From Your Children (Manofest)

Beer Glasses Made From Beer Bottles… Very Green (Walyou)

The Time Traveler’s Wife Now Changed To Be Happy (Pajiba)

The Evolution Of The Internet Troll (Cracked)


10 Qualities Of A Great Drinking Buddy (Coedmagazine)

Michael Douglas’ Kid Is A Nerdy Drug Dealer (Celebjihad)

Buy Yourself A Man-Cave (Mademan)

World’s Strongest Man To Fight MMA (Cagepotato)

Hello Kitty Ruins Everything You Love In One Gallery (Unreality)

What Songs Should Play At A Cougar Ball? (Asylum)

Tennessee Vols Pose Shirtless With Lamborghini? (Bustedcoverage)

15 Animals That Got The Crap-End Of The Evolution Stick (Uncoached)

Porn-Watching Habits Summarized In A Timeline (Regretfulmorning)

The Steroid List Does Not Matter (Bachelorguy)

Jennifer Anniston Is Lonely (Moondogsports)

Redneck Boxing Match Ends Real Quick-Like (Nothingtoxic)

New Sherlock Holmes Poster Showing Off Bad Guy (Filmofilia)

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