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Gillian Leigh Is Uber Good Looking (Gorillamask)

5 Terribly Awesome Examples Of Porn Acting (Holytaco)

Bruno  Terrorist Threatens To Sue (Filmdrunk)

The 10 Funniest Workplace Training Videos Of All Time (Manofest)

Finally: A Portable Microwave (Walyou)

Pajiba’s Final Thoughts On Michael Jackson (Pajiba)

9 Toys That Prepare Children For A Life Of Menial Labor (Cracked)

Asians Make Animal Cruelty Seem Hilarious (Sickpigs)

A New Kind Of Green Beer (Coedmagazine)

Jessica Simpson Has A New Man (Celebjihad)

10 Things Harry Potter Teaches Men About The Real World (Mademan)

Where Are They Now?  The Cast Of Die Hard (Unreality)

Awesomely Manly Cakes (Asylum)

10 Incredibly Entertaining One-Punch Knockouts (Uncoached)

When Should One Wear A Condom? (Regretfulmorning)

Get Tapped At Home With The Newcastle Draught Keg (Bachelorguy)

US Senator Wants BCS Investigated (Moondogsports)

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Teresa Noreen Looks Hot On The Beach (GorillaMask)


Britney Spears Offered Role In Time-Traveling Holocaust Flick (FilmDrunk)

55 Ridiculous Photos Of Dogs Dressed As Humans (Manofest)

Who Doesn’t Need A Keyboard Designed To Look Like S’mores? (Walyou)

Best Film Performances By A Senior Citizen (Pajiba)

Scientology’s 5 Newest Celebrity Recruits (Cracked)

7 Creepy Asian Toilet Commercials (SickPigs)

Weed Decriminalization Bill Proposed To House (CoedMagazine)

Examinging Fight! Magazine’s Inagural Hall Of Fame Class (CagePotato)


A Superficial Analysis Of The (Hottest) Wimbeldon Women (Asylum)

Sean Avery, Dude Who Made Fun Of ‘Sloppy Seconds,’ Now Getting Mark Sanchez’ Sloppy Seconds (BustedCoverage)

10 Funny Pictures Of Celebrities As Bruce Lee (Uncoached)

5 Truthful Graduation Cards (RegretfulMorning)


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