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7 Untelevised Football Sideline Moments (HolyTaco)

How To Destroy A National Anthem (TotalProSports)

Jackasses Who Shave Their Eyebrows (TheChive)

Twilight Fans Love Signs (FilmDrunk)

25 Funniest Kitten Photos (SuperTremendous)

Movies about "The Last…" (Pajiba)

What if Celebrities Were Fat (CelebJihad)

Hooters Dad Goes Bust (Asylum)

Sammy Sosa’s Face Celebrates Birthday (BustedCoverage)

Russian Guy Destroyed by Seesaw (RegretfulMorning)

Foods That Slow Aging (MadeMan)

Paul Medard, Your Destiny Awaits (AllLeftTurns)

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Lauren Jones And A Pink Bikini (Gorillamask)

7 People Who Will Be In Your English 101 Class (Holytaco)

Soul Train: The Movie: Electric Boogaloo (Filmdrunk)

25 Sexiest Celebrity Cowgirl Photos (Manofest)

Rubik’s Cube For The Blind (Walyou)

The Five Scariest Movie Clowns (Pajiba)

15 Most Baffling Boasts In The Rap Game (Cracked)

12 Dumbest Convicted Athletes (Coedmagazine)

Maxim’s 12 Hottest Swimsuit Videos (Maxim)

K. Fed Looks Pregnant And Yellow (Celebjihad)

Ed Hardy Must Be Stopped (Mademan)

Emelianenko Vs. Rogers For This Fall (Cagepotato)

15 Toughest NES Games Of All Time (Unreality)

Stop Masturbating So Much (Regretfulmorning)

Jason Biggs Attacked By Monkey (Asylum)

Texas A&M Football Talent Show Is Quite Gay (Bustedcoverage)

2009 AFC West Preview (Moondogsports)

Idiot Breaks Back After Bridge Jump (Nothingtoxic)

A Different Sort Of Beer Goggles (Atomfilms)

New ‘Jennifer’s Body‘ Poster And Featurette (Filmofilia)

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Leslie In The Shower (Gorillamask)

8 Things That Will Happen During First Week of College (Holytaco)

Zemeckis Wants To Trip In A Yello Submarine (Filmdrunk)

Large Man Vs. Folding Chair (Manofest)

Decorate Your Walls With Donkey Kong (Walyou)

Vampires Who Poop? That’s the Del Toro Way! (Pajiba)

5 Species Trying To Take Over The Earth (Cracked)

50 Funniest Internet Infographics (Coedmagazine)

Captain Kirk And Obama Are Finally Working Together (Sickpigs)

10 Best Facebook Beatdowns (Maxim)

Miley Cyrus’s Best Friend Is A Slut (Celebjihad)

Young Comedians You Need To Know (Mademan)

Strikeforce’s Fedor Strategy Asking For Trouble (Cagepotato)

15 Awesome Star Wars Demotivational Pics (Unreality)

6 Unintentionally Racist Commercials (Regretfulmorning)

5 Films That Inspired Inglourious Basterds (Asylum)

Don’t Give A Waitress Your Assault Rifle (Bustedcoverage)

The Best People’s Court Line Of All Time (Uncoached)

Shaq Needs Some Magic To Save His Show (Moondogsports)

Fat Bus Rider Faces Off With Newton’s Law (Nothingtoxic)

The Word Of The Day Is ‘Douchebag’ (Atomfilms)

11 New The Wolfman Photos (Filmofilia)


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