Dr. Seuss' "The Lorax" is a classic children's book that teaches kids to be more mindful of the natural world. Taylor Swift, on the other hand, teaches kids about drawing hearts on composition books. Now these two forces will collide, as Taylor Swift lends her voice to the upcoming 3D computer animated Dr. Seuss adaptation The Lorax.

She's joining a pretty solid cast that includes Danny DeVito as the titular Lorax, Ed Helms as the Once'ler, Zac Efron as "Ted, the young boy who searched for the Lorax," Rob Riggle as King O'Hare and Betty White as Grammy Norma. Swift herself will be playing Audrey, Ted's love interest. Man, I wonder what Dr. Seuss would think of the idea of adding a "love interest" to his stories. He'd probably write a really angry rhyming couplet about it. (via Deadline)