After the disappointment of Abduction, it would appear that Taylor Lautner has gone in a different direction, having optioned a New Yorker article to be adapted by Gus Van Sant. Lautner would star in and produce the unspecified project.

While I would rather see someone try and fail at a meaningful project than I would phone in some mindless action fare, it seems that Lautner has swung the pendulum WAY back to the other side, having been in talks to star in a whole slew of action films, including:

I can say, even with only a passing familiarity with the above projects, that I would rather see him option and star in one of those unfunny cartoons from the New Yorker than I would appear in any of those films.

For instance, it could be a one-panel cartoon of Taylor Lautner with his shirt off, walking into Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, and Don Draper could be sitting at his desk, and the bottom would say, "No, no, no. We are looking for an AD executive."

Take all the time you need.