Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’ Gets Merry Release Date

Wednesday, June 15 by

The Weinstein Company has booked Christmas Day 2012 for Quentin Tarantino’s jolly slavery vengeance film Django Unchained. Ho, ho, ho, all you plantation-owning bigots. Come December 25 of next year, you’re going to get yours. Though there’s no word yet on who will deliver the punishment. It seems that Will Smith is no longer in the running for the role of Django, but Jamie Foxx is rumored to be a favorite. Christoph Waltz is all but set to play the bounty hunter, and it’s looking like Leonardo DiCaprio will take on villain Calvin Candie with Samuel L. Jackson as his right hand man. It’s not quite the Adam Sandler/Damon Wayans pairing of Bullet Proof, but I could see it working.

Needless to say, I’m extremely excited for this film and can’t see it turning out nothing short of fantastically awesome superwow. In fact Weinstein Co., just go ahead and pull that quote now for your posters and bus ads. (BoxOfficeMojo)

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