Seven years after the fact, the two installments of Kill Bill are going to be married into one film, to be screened for select audiences next month. No word yet on whether or not the project will see wider theatrical or DVD releases, but it's safe to assume that if anyone has the audience to warrant them, it's Tarantino.

The director has said that he's had designs on the "single film" avenue since Kill Bill's inception, as he had originally cut the O-Ren anime sequence since, at its original runtime of 20 minutes, it may have felt bloated in what he thought was going to be a singular feature. Well, apparently those concerns have waned, as QT worked with Asian anime studio Production IG recently to further develop that scene, which will be included in Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair next month. The extended scene will focus on O-Ren's elaborate revenge on the man who killed her father. Beyond that, Tarantino had said that he's not going to touch any other aspects of the film, though those comments were made two years ago, so it's anyone's guess as to whether or not he adhered to that statement.

Screenings will begin on March 27th, though it's possible that the The Whole Bloody Affair will be screened by Ain't It Cool News during SXSW a couple weeks earlier. Distribution and scale of the the screenings is not yet known (only the New Beverly Cinema in LA has been explicitly included), but don't let that stop you from haphazardly tossing about wild conjecture. It's the Internet, after all. (Playlist)