It would probably be bigger news if there wasn't going to be a Texas Chainsaw Massacre installment in 3D, but, that said, hold on to your seats...there's going to be a Texas Chainsaw Massacre installment in 3D.

Wanna know what it's gonna be called? Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D. Has a nice ring to it.

The project will start production in June, according to Lionsgate, which also announced that Takers helmer John Luessenhop is in discussions to direct. As I mentioned, it's no surprise that they're going the 3D route with this one, as something about a chainsaw in the audience's faces might make for a compelling theatergoing experience. I'm tired of watching Leatherface saw characters in half, wishing it was me that was up there getting buzzsawed in the sternum. While I will still end up walking out of the theater with my body intact, I will at least get to know the fear that these fictional characters experience as they look a painful, bloody death in the eye. (The Wrap)