Take A (Good, Long) First Look At New Pixar And Scorsese Films

Monday, March 28 by

Stills from yet-to-be-completed films never really tell you the whole story, but instead sort of tease the intended audience to get them excited for the movies they’ll be paying to see in several months. Well, we’ve got a double shot of that this morning with the newest from both Pixar and Martin Scorsese.

First up is Pixar’s Brave, a movie befallen by some turmoil recently, including the exit of its lead voice actress, Reese Witherspoon (she’ll be replaced by Kelly McDonald), and the firing of the company’s first female director, Brenda Chapman. Nevertheless, it looks lush, gorgeous, and unlike any Pixar film we’ve ever seen.


Next up is an intriguing still from Martin Scorsese‘s Hugo Cabret, a kids film produced by Johnny Depp, who as this photo reveals, is also acting in the film as well. Depp will play Monsieur Rouleou, a painter who helps the young protagonist on his journey. Depp shot seven scenes for the film, and can be seen in the image below putting his famous goatee to use Hugo Cabret is in theaters this holiday season.

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    always ready for more pixar

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