This morning we have a first look at Quentin Dupieux's Wrong, his second feature after exploding heads with the head-exploding telekinetic tire movie, Rubber. Starring William Fichtner and Jack Plotnick, the film is only described as a movie about a man and his missing dog.

In the above still, we see Steve Little (aka"Eastbound and Down's" Stevie Janowski), who I'm surprised to see can grow a beard. Here he presents a plain white ball. Is it a clue? A missing piece to a larger puzzle that will return the man to his canine? Or is it a ruthless, cold-blooded killer ball? One that can bounce around a room of its on free will, breaking windows and necks and leaving a pile of bodies a mile-high?

Meh, probably just a normal, old ball. (Quentin Dupieux's Twitter)