T.J. Miller Taking ‘Road To Nardo’ To Get His Naked Buddy Out Of Mexico

Monday, June 13 by

T. J. Miller started his career getting chased by a giant monster in Cloverfield, so you can’t say he isn’t deserving of his first starring role in the upcoming road trip comedy Road to Nardo. The film tells the story of two roommates who trek down to Mexico to retrieve their naked and stranded friend Nardo. Miller will be playing one of the roommates, so if you were hoping to see him naked, you’ll have to attempt some shadier measures than simply seeing this film.

According to THR, Miller will play a guy in his 20’s who likes to “gamble, drink, and hook up.” So basically, he’ll be playing “guy in his 20’s.” Miller’s embraced the slacker persona in most of his films so far with turns in Yogi Bear, Extract, She’s Out of My League, and the aforementioned Cloverfield, so he’s getting this slacker thing down pat. Scot Armstrong, an established comedy writer (The Hangover: Part II, Old School, Starsky and Hutch, and Road Trip) will be making his directorial debut here, and it couldn’t seem to be more in his wheelhouse of beer-fueled romps.

The 20-something road trip comedy is pretty well-worn territory, especially on the heels of The Hangover, but the formula provides a pretty good vehicle for breakout stars, so T.J. Miller can go ahead and get that Benz he’s been eying, cause he’s gonna be a star. Just ask that guy going through your garbage, Tom Green.

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