Matthew McConaughey will be playing a Texan. Remember this day, as this only happens in like 63% of the movies in which he is cast. He will star in The Dallas Buyers Club, a film that centers around a man who smuggles in AIDS medicine into the US from Mexico to help himself and other AIDS sufferers in Dallas, Texas. In case you were wondering, AIDS medicine is the most depressing thing that this title could refer to. The film has been picked up by Content Film and will finally see a production after languishing without distribution.

Joining McConaughey in his struggle will be Hilary Swank. Though her capacity in the film is not divulged, I wouldn't put "wife" outside the realm of possibility.

The film is based on the true story of Ron Woodruff, a Texas electrician diagnosed with AIDS in 1986 and given six months to live. Woodruff managed to hang on for another six years by smuggling in unapproved medicine from Mexico, first for himself, then for others, hence the movie's title.

The film, directed by Jean-Marc Vallee, has caught the eye of numerous actors and directors over the years, but it wasn't able to find its way to production. Well, wait no longer, audiences! Actually, you'll need to wait a year longer. Sorry to get your hopes up. (Deadline)