Susannah Feldman (Obviously) Divorcing Corey Feldman

Wednesday, October 28 by

Peace indeed, Corey Feldman. He’s getting the big peace out from his Playboy model wife, Susannah Feldman, who just filed for divorce from the childhood actor/adult reality TV star. According to Zimbio:

Susannah’s flame for Corey was apparently sparked at a young age. She has been quoted as saying, ""I knew I would marry Corey ever since I saw Stand By Me."  

According to Screen Junkies’ unsubstantiated gossip, the official reason for divorce on the document:

He’s Corey Feldman.

We’ve also heard reports that Susannah was tired of Corey Haim sleeping on their living room couch. Two Coreys is apparently just too much. I know because I’ve accidently flipped past The Two Coreys.


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