Captain America: The First Avenger
is going to be one of 2011's biggest blockbusters. Or at least it will be if Joe Johnston knows what he's talking about after seeing the first cut of his movie. He recently watched it for the first time and according to an interview with the LA Times he was, shockingly, quite pleased with what he saw:
"I watched the movie for the first time a few days ago and I just looked at the first cut and there is so much entertainment value — it’s just flat-out fun to watch. Maybe I’m somewhat biased — I was there [when we made it] — but, seriously, it’s funny, it’s exciting and there’s great visual effects.  The movie is going to be something more than people are expecting. This movie is going to surprise some people. It is the origin story of Captain America but it is also something rare — it’s a period superhero film but there’s great action in it. You don’t normally think of guys driving around in 1939 sedans in an action film but there are some great action beats in it. It’s just a helluva lot of fun to watch."

Listen everybody, please don't tell Joe Johnston about Raiders of the Lost Ark. The fact that someone else had the idea 30 years before he did to set an action movie in a time other than the present coul break his heart.