Superhero Subway Punks

Thursday, October 7 by

Stan Lee, it’s 10PM. Do you know where your characters are?

Next stop, these links.

Let Me In‘ Director Matt Reeves Podcast Interview (FirstShowing)

20 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘The Exorcist‘ (Moviefone)

Video Game Porn Spoofs That Should Exist (Asylum)

7 Most Annoying Kids in Action Movie History (Ranker)

25 Bad-ass Nuns (HolyTaco)

Frotcast 17: Extremo the Clown and Social Network (FilmDrunk)

Favorite Nick Swardson Moments (Maxim)

Check Out This Blazing Hot Weather Girl (BarStoolSports)

Movies Like You’ve Never Thought of Them Before (EgoTV)

Pajiba’s Give a Sh*t Factor (Pajiba)

6 Reasons Weird Al Is Still Relevant (Unreality)

10 Ridiculously Racist Remarks from Sports Personalities (TotalProSports)

7 Reasons Why You Got Defriended on Facebook (Smosh)

Victoria’s Secret Launches Sexy Halloween Costume Line (BroBible)

Emma Roberts In Her Underwear (CelebJihad)

Diaz vs. Kim Reported for UFC 125 (CagePotato)

Mark Zuckerberg Too Staff to See ‘Social Network’ (PopEater)

Marisa Miller Swashbuckles for Capt. Morgan (MadeMan)


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