Superdog Is Super

Tuesday, October 5 by

If Zack Snyder is looking to make the most adorable Superman movie ever, I present his leading man. Pup, pup, and away!

Take flight with these links.

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A Fun Gallery Of Unintentional Sexual Content (EgoTV)

My Body Is A Cage: An Enter The Void Review (Pajiba)

Wonka’s Reverse Tunnel Of Hell Will Haunt Your Dreams (Unreality)

Kaspars Daugavins’ Creative Shootout Goal (TotalProSports)

20 Most Unusual Business Cards Ever (Smosh)

10 New Findings From Recent Sex Study (BroBible)

Karissa Shannon Sex Tape Video (CelebJihad)

Proof That Everyone Sounds Smarter With An English Accent (CagePotato)

Will Arnett On Kids, Stern, And ‘Arrested’ Developments (PopEater)

How To Properly Drink Absinthe (MadeMan)


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