You’ll see Hobo with a Shotgun for Rutger Hauer blasting away bad guys. You’ll fall in love with Molly Dunsworth as Abby. Abby’s not just the hooker with the heart of gold who takes care of the hobo and dreams of being a teacher. She also kicks ass with a lawnmower blade.

After seeing the film at Sundance I knew I wanted to get on the ground floor with Dunsworth. When I asked her for an interview, she didn’t even turn me over to a publicist. She just gave me her number so we could coordinate in Park City. Easiest interview I’ve ever set up. We met on Main Street and one of my colleagues even asked, “Who was that pretty girl you were interviewing today?” Oh, you’ll find out. You’ll find out.

Q: When you got the script for Hobo with a Shotgun, were you like, “This is the movie I HAVE to do?”

MD: I absolutely was. It’s really my dream character. One of my favorite movies is True Romance and Alabama Worley in that, I always thought I would love to be her, she’s so cool, she’s so awesome. This is pretty much like my version of Alabama Worley.

Q: I’m happy to see that the tattoo on your chest is real. What is the story behind it?

MD: It’s for my uncle who passed away. It’s his initials and the year he was born. P-D, those are Boggle letters. I don't know if you’re familiar with the game Boggle, shake up the letters and make words. I’m big fan. It’s a whole Dunsworth thing. We play Scrabble and Boggle all the time.

Q: And it works for the character.

MD: It does, eh? Also when something happens with my neck, as you know, they had to put a piece over it so it was actually drawn on in some of those scenes. The woman did an incredible job drawing it on. I couldn’t even tell the difference.

Q: How did you feel about Abby’s wardrobe?

MD: I loved it. Funny story actually, my sister was head wardrobe. That yellow sweater that I wear, I hated at first. And I thought I don’t want to wear yellow, I hate yellow, but it really grew on me and I actually own one of them now.

Q: Did you feel hot wearing fishnets?

MD: Not bad. It was pretty freezing outside. I was wearing the tiniest dress so when I was running along in some of the scenes, it felt like it was coming up and you could see some unsightly things.

Q: What was the toughest action for you to do?

MD: Probably just having molasses, because in our fake blood there was molasses, all over me for like 12 hours straight. There was one scene when I was lying down and I had ants crawling on me, so that was kind of tough. And surprisingly, I found just the conversation, the straight stuff was much harder to play than the crazy intense bloody screaming gore stuff.

Q: Will you be game to do horror conventions?

MD: Yeah. Yeah, I would love to.

Q: What’s been your contact with the fans so far?

MD: Well, someone asked me for my autograph the other night for the first time. They’ve been really great. They’re all really stoked. I had a little guy come up to me and ask to take a picture with me and when he put his arm around me, his hand was shaking. I thought wow, I’m usually the nervous one, right? So it was neat.