Summit Nabs Tyler Perry Detective Film That Won’t Be The Next ‘Twilight’

Thursday, March 24 by

If Summit is looking to distribute the next Twilight, they probably won’t get it with I, Alex Cross. Though they’re both based on a series of books – the Alex Cross series is by James Patterson – Tyler Perry is hardly a teen heartthrob. In fact, an image of Madea is a good romantic mood killer for people of all ages.

In the film, directed by Rob Cohen (Stealth), Perry plays detective Cross, who disrupts a murderer’s plans. So the psycho killer, played by Matthew Fox (“Lost”), decides to send the detective a tersely-worded letter — actually, he kills the poor guy’s wife. Now Cross has to bring him to justice once more, with the help of his partner Tommy Kane (Ed Burns).

Summit CEO Rob Friedman managed to get the rights partly because he oversaw the last set of Alex Cross movies at Paramount, which starred Morgan Freeman and not a guy who dressed up like a fat woman dressing up like Snooki. (Deadline)

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