Summit Talks With McG About Non-Board Game Film ‘Puzzle Palace’

Wednesday, October 26 by
McG gives a passionate address about his love of boobs. 

McG is in final negotiations to direct Puzzle Palace for Summit. Reading the title, you would assume that it is some kind of board game adaptation, but surprisingly… no. The original script by Safe House‘s David Guggenheim centers on a son trying to clear his veteran cop dad‘s name. However, in order to get the evidence he needs, he’ll have to break into One Police Plaza. But how? That’s where they keep all of the police, including the crooked ones who are after him. Somebody had better put in a call to David Morse’s agent.

McG and Guggenheim have a previous relationship, but it’s strictly work-based, guys. Guggenheim wrote Medallion, the action film McG produced starring Nicolas Cage and Malin Akerman. It’s currently in post-production, so hopefully we can all gather together to laugh at the trailer very soon. (THR)

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