The Snuggie.  You may not own one, but you probably know someone who does, or at least you're familiar with the "blanket with sleeves" that's become a bit of a internet meme.  It's such a ridiculous yet attractive product that it's managed to seep its way into mainstream media, making appearances on shows like "30 Rock," and "The Big Bang Theory." 

And much of its popularity seems to be based on this really lo-fi - some may say terrible - commercial. 

Snuggie Commercial - Watch more Funny Videos

But what if the marketing people behind Snuggie are a lot smarter than we give them credit for?  What if all this time they've secretly been at work ingraining Snuggies into the collective pop cultural conscience without us eve knowing it?  What if, aside from some guest appearances on TV shows that like to take the piss out of pop kitsch, Snuggies have started to infiltrate big studio movies? 

Don't tell me that when you look at this still from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (slightly altered with a simple advertising logo) that it's impossible. 

It begs the question, what would 2009's big summer blockbusters look like if Snuggie product placement had completel taken them over?  Well of course the only way to answer that is with mocked up studio publicity stills. 

We think summer at the movies is looking pretty snug. 















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