Though already in front of cameras,  Another Bullshit Night In Suck City is still picking up some indie darlings. Lili Taylor (who you might confuse with Liv Tyler thus totally screwing up a game of Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon) has joined the Homeless Robert De Niro drama in an unspecified role.

Also joining up, (and don't fall in love here, fellas) is Dale Dickey. You'll recognize the actress from a wide variety of work including The Winter's Bone, for which her portrayal of a meth-head won her an Indie Spirt award. Other places you may know her from are "My Name Is Earl" where she played a prostitute, and"Breaking Bad" where she played a... err, another meth-head. Oh, according to her IMDb page she's done comedy. Here she is listed in a "Funny Or Die" sketch where she played the character of 'Prostitute'. Goddamn. This poor woman. Her role in Bullshit Night isn't specified, but let's go ahead and assume her character's name is Suck City. (The Playlist)