The Three Stooges reboot was at one time going to be headlined by movie stars like Jim Carrey and Benicio Del Toro. However, after a succession of flops - bot the box office kind and the physical comedy kind - the Farrell Brothers are now casting the film solely by flipping channels. Will Sasso and Sean Hayes will play Curly and Larry (plus Larry David is playing a nun for some reason), and another 90s TV personality is ready to get nyuked.

Stephen Collins ("7th Heaven") will play Mr. Harter, a character who attempts to adopt one of the Stooge crew at the orphanage. Sure, that sounds wacky enough. You may have seen Collins most recently in "No Ordinary Family," which is tangling with that villain The Almighty Cancelator and looks to be headed for the same fate as "The Cape." (Variety)