There are two times when it comes in VERY handy that I speak fluent Japanese: ordering sushi and deciphering martial arts movie trailers.  Let me translate this one for you. "A woman who is able to kick really fast and jump off of walls and shit has to TOTALLY beat the crap out of a bunch of Japan."  

With the release date set as late February, it's a little bizarre that we don't have an english language trailer yet. I would understand if they were at the point where they didn't have something cut together. But it seems like all they really have to do is change all the Japanese to english and get that shit up on the Internets so people know about their movie. If I were in charge of Internet Movie Trailers for the production, that's what I would do. Maybe they're doing a super viral marketing campaign that involves some telephone pole sings in Kansas City and nothing else. That's the future of marketing.

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li Japanese Trailer - Watch more free videos