[post-album postid="14611" item="1"]Back in January, Joe Johnston told Box Office Magazine that a fourth Jurassic Park film would kickstart a new dinosaurs eat people trilogy. The news kind of came and went without any real follow-up but today there's proof that Johnston wasn't just saying things. We, the Internet, are sorry for doubting you Joe Johnston. Here, you can have half of our lunch.

THR reports that Steven Spielberg is in dino-mode again and having talks with screenwriter Mark Protosevich about returning to Isla Nublar for Jurassic Park 4. But don't expect to buy life-sized dinosaur egg jawbreakers at WalMart just yet. Both Universal and Spielberg's camp have stressed that there is not a script in the works as of now. These talks are purely exploratory and depend on concept and whether or not today's audiences want to see Garret Dillahunt get eaten by raptors.