Steven Spielberg To Capitalize On The ‘Dusty Poor People’ Fad With A ‘Grapes Of Wrath’ Remake

Wednesday, July 3 by
What? It's the day before a national holiday. Get off my ass and just enjoy the fucking grapes.  

Substitute high school teachers rejoice! Steven Spielberg (or his non-union, Mexican equivalent) has expressed an interest in remaking John Steinbeck’s feel-bad novel The Grapes of Wrath, which follows Americans displaced by the Dust Bowl until they head out Californee way.

Don’t you dare roll your eyes at this. Steven Spielberg, I swear to God, will make a War Horse sequel if you so much as sigh, roll your eyes, or make a jack-off motion in response to this news. DO YOU WANT A WAR HORSE SEQUEL?

Of course you don’t.

Softening the blow is the news from Spielberg himself that he “absolutely will not direct it.”

Oh balls. That means War Horse sequel. Balls.

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