If you've ever wondered who wears the pants in the Indiana Jones family, the answer is George Lucas. Director Steven Spielberg perhaps over-shared when asked a question about the production of a fifth Indiana Jones film. "You have to ask George Lucas," he tells Empire. "George is in charge of breaking the stories. He's done it on all four movies. Whether I like the stories or not, George has broken all the stories."

So, what you're saying is that you're not to blame for the major lack of quality in Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull?

"I sympathize with people who didn't like the MacGuffin because I never liked the MacGuffin," he says. "George and I had big arguments about the MacGuffin. I didn't want these things to be either aliens or inter-dimensional beings. But I am loyal to my best friend. When he writes a story he believes in — even if I don't believe in it — I'm going to shoot the movie the way George envisioned it."

That's admirable. Doesn't explain The Terminal, but still admirable. (Empire)