Don't ever say that the people who bestow stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame don't take their time. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, the group that wields the star-granting power, has decided, 20 years after Steve Guttenberg's last relevant role (unless you count his appearance in Party Down), that he should be immortalized with the 2,455th star on the street.

The fact that the star for the actor from Police Academy and Cocoon is going right in front of the Police Activities League at 6411 Hollywood Blvd is even more awesome. The ceremony starts at 11:30 AM today, so if you're available, or if you're a relative of Steve Guttenberg, you might want to find your way down there and shake Mahoney's hand, if not for his film work, then for his charity, the Guttenberg House, which gives at-risk foster children a place to live when they turn 18 and must leave foster care.

"Who made Steve Guttenberg a star? We do. We do."