So it turns out that Steve Carell's magician-themed comedy Burt Wonderstone doesn't have Charles McDougal as a director after all. Negotiations have reportedly "broken down," which leads me to believe he wanted too much money for rabbits or hats or other funny magic things. I lost my job at the pet store over a similar dispute when I kept making rabbits disappear and selling them on the black market. Here's a plot synopsis, in case this ominous news hasn't made you lose all faith in the project:

"[T]he story follows rival Las Vegas magicians where Carell plays a magic man dethroned by a hip younger illusionist and then must find a way to rediscover his love for magic."

Why anyone would allow a job directing a movie about magicians slip by, I will never understand. So anyway, New Line is now looking for a new director to helm the project, preferably one who knows how to take orders and just cut the lady in half without asking a lot of questions. (via