Steve Carell To Produce And Probably Star In…A Comedy. Yup.

Tuesday, June 28 by

Steve Carell has been making the most after his Dunder-Mifflin career, and his workload just got slightly heavier after Universal has picked up an untitled comedy about “an FBI wedding” that is “similar in tone to Stakeout and My Best Friend’s Wedding.” First of all: Weird. Secondly, what the hell do the tones of Stakeout and My Best Friend’s Wedding have to do with each other? Is it going to underlie jealousy while the protagonists post up in a car?

Carell hasn’t committed to the film, but it’s being developed as a vehicle for him, which means that his participation is close to a foregone conclusion. To add to the mystery of the premise, the project is being written by Phil Alden Robinson who is known for Field of Dream and the Sum of All Fears.


So it’s a film starring Carell that has elements of a rom-com and a crime comedy that is being scripted by a guy who’s largely known for his work on a baseball drama and a panned film about a nuclear explosion with political repercussions. Okay then. (Variety)

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