Steve Carell & Tina Fey Together At Last in ‘Date Night’ Trailer

Wednesday, November 11 by

Shaun Levy decided to take break from Stillers, museums, and all around family fun to direct a case of mistaken identity in Date Night, or the unofficial sequel to Adventures in Babysitting. Steve Carell and Tiny Fey star as a bored married couple whose attempt at a glamorous and romantic evening turns into something involving thrills, spills, and dinosaurs. Crap, wait, no dinosaurs in this one. But Nickelback does provide the music for the trailer. Damn you Levy, just when we think you’ve changed your ways, you go and use a Nickelback song. Regardless, the film looks like it could be rather funny, and Carell and Fey could give Grant and Hepburn a run for their money. If they weren’t dead.

Check out all the zany mayhem after the jump.  


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