In an act that's quite a departure from his Boardwalk Empire persona, Nucky Thompson, Steve Buscemi, not thinking about power or corruption at all, has up and started filming Vampire Weekend in several weird places, like Sunday's New York Easter Parade.

Turns out he'll be directing a live DVD of the band at the Roseland Ballroom, and he's getting bonus "documentary footage" around Manhattan with seemingly no cares about how many people he utterly befuddles in doing so. Why pick Steve Buscemi to do the direction? Well, besides the fact that he's directed Oz, The Sopranos, 30 Rock, and several other TV shows, none of your goddamn business, that's why.

The show is a part of American Express' Unstaged series that paired Werner Herzog with The Killers and David Lynch with Duran Duran. Yup. This is weird enough to join that company.

Up next...Animal Collective and Jon Favreau. I'm calling it right now.