Wrestler/actor Steve Austin and actor/La Tortuga Danny Trejo are finally combining their powers for the "indie-action" movie Recoil, which will be seeking distribution at the Cannes marketplace. Here's a plot synopsis, which I'm pretty sure will just be a clothesline on which to hang lots of explosions and scowling:
"Austin will portray an ex-cop who's life is ripped apart when his family is viciously murdered. He then makes it his life's passion to find those responsible and serve up his own kind of justice. Trejo portrays a cold-hearted killer who is seeking his own vengeance against the ex-cop over the murder of his brother."

What will happen when these two titans meet each other in the squared circle on the big screen? Only time will tell. I just hope the people at Cannes are all stocked up on steel chairs. (Variety)